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I know I’m not that interesting, but at least I see that a few people in that big world out there are still interested… at least a little bit. Comments are few and far between, but each one is really appreciated, so thank you all few of you for that! ๐Ÿ™‚

Today was our first OBGYN apt. We immediately said, sorry, but as we have been through this all before ( the whole 1st apt thing.. ) then we would really like to first try and see if we hear a heartbeat before continuing. She was temping for the ‘real’ one and was very cool about it.

After a few min, we did find the little bugger’s heartbeat. We were so relieved! It was fast, 165, and damn, i just can NOT believe we made it to 12w2d. I freaking can’t believe it! AND I am 6 kilos or about 15 lbs lighter than when we first came here 2 years ago.

Still overweight.. no doubt and with an additional 10 lbs from the resees pieces and root beer oh and the sour dough and cheese-its and well, everything!! Well, that doesn’t matter so much. They did the pee glucose test and protein test, all was okay.

Then I had to cycle all over town to find this other health center and gave blood for the downsyndrom test. I’m not sure the name, but that combined with the Nucal Translucency scan that I will do Friday will give us nearly 100% accurate results, so let’s hope they all look okay. I am nervous about that too… what am I NOT nervous about at this moment??

That’s all for now, so hope you are all well.. all 5 of you!! ๐Ÿ™‚



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11w 3 day…

right on schedule. We had an u/s just before leaving the states on Tuesday and there was pupo still growing and moving around and beating that little heart. It was amazing to see. So far just told mom, and will tell the rest of the world around 20 weeks, should we be so lucky to get that far.

I know that sounds morbid, but being a contestant at the infertility and miscarriage game, you just try not to think too much about future things. But, for today we are happy. I have some nausea and some unusual hunger all the time, but that’s about it.

I’m back home in my beautiful stinky home ( that desperately needs an airing out and cleaning ) and can check and chat all the time again.

Take care everyone,


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9w 3 d U/S

Hi everyone, Yesterday we nervously and tearily had our 9w 3d u/s.I cried the whole time and the dr was just so damn quiet. We were so happy beyond words when there was that little heart beating. The baby or the pupo as we still call it was dancing around doing a little jig.

ย The u/s machine was a new one, but really irritating as it could be wheeled into every room. The picture wasnt that clear and he couldnt get a h/b reading but he said it looked and sounded over 150.

We have another u/s when I should be 11 w 2 d. So fingers crossed it all goes okay.

Today we bought maternity clothes. It is TOTALLY premature, but here in the US they have my size and style,and IF all works out it will cost a fortune to order these clothes. Sears had a 30% off sale and we really got some great (black) pieces.

Thats all for now, thanks for reading and enjoy your summer !!

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