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Yep, I fell on my way home. I have been walking a lot still, and aside from a few really icy days, have tried to keep it to a max outside. Fresh air and all that…. well yesterday I fell. Right on my left side/abdomen area. First thoughts were fuck fuck fuck!

I picked up all my shit, since my bag opened and everything flew out. Then walked around the corner home. I listened to Pupo’s heartbeat ( again thank goddness for dopplers ) and worked a bit.

But then the internet came. I decided to read up on it, and it at first offered very ‘normal’ info. Check heartbeat etc.. no bleeding good etc.. then i read that the placenta could separate from the uterus killing us both in a big bleed.. FUCK!

And also that pre-term labor could start if the cervix opened.. FUCK FUCK so, i decided to call my midwife.. That was dumb. She doesn’t speak English and I  wasn’t in the mood to form perfect sentences in Finnish. I couldn’t even find the word for side and kept thinking of the Dutch word, so I’m useless there.. she said if i didn’t have contractions-i’m good.

I also thought i’d call the hospital where we had that nice tour. First person froze and spoke no English, passed on the phone.. i thought great, this again… then a very nice person came on, and she said it was better to ‘Come in right away’. There I was working, cleaning a bit, and just trying not to think about it.

So, with the help of the neighbor ( cause there were no fucking busses ) I got there. Big Man was making his way by bus.. but I was already hooked up to machines when he got there. They motitored the baby’s heartbeat and mine for about 20 min. Then we waited for the dr while she did an emergency c-section….

2+ hrs later we had a very lovely dr come and help us. ‘Funny’ enough we had seen her before a few years ago… long story.. but she said the placenta was fine, cervix closed etc..

She was WAAAY too quiet for me during the ultrasound though.. i was asking all kinds of questions, was he growing etc.. she said that she measured him at 29 wks exactly, when I ‘should’ be about 29wks 4 days, but that changes all the time. The point was he had grown since our last ultra about 2 weeks ago, which is good..

That was about it, but scary as FUCK. I will not walk as much and with my work ending slowly in the next few weeks, i will love my treadmill even more..

Hope all is well..
regina, shaken pupo and m


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I am a graduate!!

I just heard today that my maturity exam and that my thesis was accepted, so I officially have a BA in International Business! I worked my a** off finishing this thesis before the end of this pregnancy and I managed to do it all.. wwoooo hooo.. i am soooo excited!!

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We just got back from our tour. I was surprised, no screaming, really clean and kinda looked like a hotel. She showed us the enema room ( totally mandatory here and HIGHLY recommended I was told… erm.. okay ) and also where the delivery rooms were with a shared HUGE bath tub and cd players etc.. really nice actually. She also said once pupo reached 1 kilo, ( he’s now over that, maybe 2.5 pounds ) then they give a really great chance of survival, so that makes me feel a bit more positive too.. all in all, a great visit. She spoke English ( a bloody miracle ) and it went fine.

I just hope she is there when we go into labor. I swear I have phoned this same dept about 10 time and every time get passed around like a hot potato before i rip some midwife a new one for not speaking any English. I just get so frustrated and of course they all say that they ALL speak English. Which is utterly UNTRUE, or else I wouldnt’ be passed around so much.. but that’s life.

Yes, we live in Finland, yes we SHOULD speak better Finnish, but we don’t and we are having this baby, shave me and all ( apparently that’s better for the healing of the epistemology – i’m letting big man shave me for xmas! )

that’s all 29 weeks today!


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Just had my 28 wk apt today and re-did my glucose tolerance test. Thankfully I passed that with flying colors, for real this time!

Also, pupo measures just fine at 27 wks 6 days so we are quite pleased. We weren’t able to get the 3D, but maybe later this week if the dr can swing it.
We also have a TON of snow, see pics attached.

Take care,

rWinter is here

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I had my 2 hr glucose test last week, and all was okay. They told me my fasting level of 5.6, i guess that’s a bit over 100 in the states was normal, and my 2nd level of 8.0 or 140 was great, and the final level of 5.5 was just fine too… then today i get this call that the fasting level is too high. It SHOULD be no higher than 5.3 or 95 in the USA.

So, now I have to keep a food journal and go talk to this witch of a nurse who doesn’t even try to speak English for about 2 hrs next week. I just think it’s unfair. I’ve been walking 20+ miles a week, granted my eating hasn’t been the best, but still.. it’s so close to the ‘normal’ level.

I will just tell myself that I’m doing this for a healthy baby.. i want this baby and i want him to be healthy and that’s what’s important afterall.. but man am i pissed off right now!!

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27 wk 1 day belly pic

I thought I’d finally let you all see what I look like.. not the most flattering pic, but I’m SOOOO happy to be pregnant!

Take care


27wks 1 day belly pic

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And, I am in the 3rd trimester. I was really nervous about this GD test actually. So last night big man and i ate a whole box of chocolates. I mean it could be our last time I thought, so we ate, and it was GOOD!

Then 10 hrs of fasting a bus almost making me late for the test and then the results. Fasting was 5.6 ( at 13 weeks it was 5.0) then 1 hr was 8.0 ( at 13 weeks it was 5.5-an odd number actually.. ) then 2hr was 5.6 again ( at 13 weeks it was 4.9 ) so very VERY normal and we are happy for that!

Being a ‘bigger gal’ it’s kinda assumed you will have complications or at least high blood pressure or GD. Thankfully I have had the energy to keep walking about 20 miles a week, which sounds like a lot, and it is, but I feel it’s totally necessary!

And now that it’s started snowing, maybe I will keep to the treadmill, but still.. I am proud of me!

So, 27 weeks today and next week our next ultra sound. Let’s hope the 3D if the dr could get it! 🙂
Take care


p.s. evenings we do feel pupo moving around a bit. He seems to be most active between 7pm-midnight. It’s amazing feeling him finally!

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