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It’s official.. :-(

Eicca is failure to thrive. It sucks. We were hoping he’d never fall this far behind in his growth, but it’s happened.

Today at the dr we got him weighed and measured and he is just about a pound away from being ‘safe’ but still it’s sad.

They want us to keep up the new medicine and the neocate, special fucking expensive tastes like shit formula, because that is all they can do for him now.

In 2 weeks we go back and if he hasn’t grown they will put the NG tube, it’s just temporary, but it’s annoying to have my baby with a tube in his nose. And so sad to be honest that as his parents we can’t do the most basic thing.. keep him alive and feed him.

Then in August we will do the endoscopy to look at his insides and see if there is any damage. We never wanted to even do the endoscopy, but the doctors aren’t sure why he isn’t eating.. we fucking surely don’t know.. so it’ s a matter of trying everything.

We also talked to the child psychologist who was pretty positive about us.. not about Eicca’s behavior in any way. She said she loved how marco and i are on the same page and showed support of eachother and how we interact with Eicca.

All that was great.. and she said it’s so important as if there are feeding difficulites, many times parents kinda shut down and that damages the kids relationship.. i hope we never do that!

Okay enough rambling. Thank you all for the support. Send more eating vibes for Eicca. Our thoughts are with you all too!


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