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almost 10 months old

Hello everyone out there. THank you those who have been keeping in touch with us. We have just returned from 6 weeks in the states and I am a bit more optimistic. Lately, knock wood, Eicca has been eating food better, although the bottle his is enemy still.

He throughly enjoys drinking water out of cups or adult water bottles, but a sippy cup is enemy #2. Each day I make my magic mix of jarred fruit or veggies with oatmeal, milk powder, oil, and made formula and give him that a few times a day.
YEsterday we were up to 15 tablespoons a day, which was really great, although as you know, every day is different.

The flight going to the states was really hard on me, as I was traveling alone with a super flyer Eicca. He didnt mind the take offs or landings at all and we had 46 hrs of travel to get us to Maui, from Oulu, Finland so he did great.  I however cried much of the journey from Frankfurt to SF as fucking United claimed not to have the bassinetts any more, although their website clearly states they do. It was a really hard flight with him not eating or drinking, but sweating to high heaven on my chest in his baby bjorn.

Alas, we made it and go to spend some great time bonding with the grandparents and trying to avoid the heat. It was nearly 90 each day, and something both Eicca and myself were not fans of. There was much vomiting sometimes 5x a day, but also some eating of ice cream which he seemed to love and some vanilla pudding, which he also enjoyed.

Overall, i was beyond over the moon when I weighed him at his 9 mo apt and he was 18lbs, that is 3x his birthweight and something we were aiming for at his year check-up, so there seemed to be some hope.

On a nice note we also spent time with my niece who is 3 mo younger than Eicca and the same weight, which saddened me a bit. Not only that, but she cried for food and held her own bottle.. something my monkey doesnt do.

On another neat note, eicca has taken to finally putting food in his mouth. He sometimes puts crackers or even french fries, which again gives us hope. He also liked the delicious pumpkin milkshakes and whipped cream offered to him, so let’s see.

All in all, i am glad we went. The flight back was exhausting, but I know I am stronger for doing it all alone. Big Man had much work to catch up on and also renovated our kitchen, so although there was missing, there was a reason.

Take care to you all, and thank you for listening!


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