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Hello everyone, life just doesnt get easier. We returned from a much needed trip to the states, and that was nice etc, but Eicca isnt eating.He didnt eat well the whole trip, but learned how to walk, which is great. The passed few days now have been extremely trying, and I am looking longinly forward to the feeding tube and or day care helping him out.

He got accepted to the one close by so he can start in August and the play picnics will start then as well. Should either one of them not help sufficiently, then the fucking tube is going in, period! I for one am utterly sick of the fighting, refusal and now my favorite spitting out of food. I’ve fucking had it, and welcome any kind of relief to be honest, be that in day care or any other form.

So, until then we are still in limbo.. but this time, I am playing more hard ball. Eicca has a stricter bed time routine, including a timer to announce it’s sleepy time, and we started implementing a short time out for when he rips his bib off, which he is starting to do more and more often.. not a good sign thus.. But he needs some discipline.

Lastly, we decided not to only offer him pudding anymore. I for one am sick of investing in the pudding factory it seems. He can have yogurt and other fruits etc, but unless its the last meal of the day and he hasnt eaten a thing, then no pudding will be offered.  He will simply starve, and I know we havent allowed that before, but feeding him only pudding ( which he even most of the time refuses ) is in my opinion just delaying the inevitable.-. tube for another few weeks or months.

Now we will feed him what we feel should be given, he will refuse, he will loose weight and he will get that fucking feeding tube.. nuff said. thanks for listening!


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