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We are very happy and proud to say after 11 long years, our family it totally complete. Our twins, each over 5lbs were born the 6th of May after 2 looong weeks at the hospital due to some pre-eclampsia issues. I wasnt actually diagnosed, as i had no protein in the urine, but my bp was over the top, i was so uncomfortable, had a horrible uti, the worst nurses ever and just was done being pregnant.

The c-section went fine, recovery has been okay, but i pretty much had to leave on day 4, because the nurses’ behavior, from refusing me pain meds, to making me get my own food the day after the section to force feeding my baby girl by dumping the bottle of milk without a nipple into her mouth while she gasped for air, was just too much.

Home is hectic. Eicca is a busy busy 2+ year old, and the twins are more ‘normal’ as in they get hungry. It takes a while to feed them our girl is quite small, but they are drinking slowly and just amazing to have in our lives.

Years ago, i thought we would never have a family. I could never have fathomed that we’d have 3 children after all the treatments we have been through. It has been a wonderful and scary journey and it will continue so.

Having kids makes you so stressed, you worry about everything, i know i cant predict the future, nor can i protect them from everything, but its the most amazing thing in the world.

For those of you reading this, going through any kind of infertility treatment or considering it, i have no doubt in my mind that treatments work. All three of these children are all products of FET or frozen embryo transfers. The twins from the same batch as our son. it CAN happen, but it can only happen if you arent too scared to try.

I just heard a friend of ours that has been trying for 7 years, just found out her husband has no sperm and bam they are giving up. NEVER NEVER NEVER give up! We have been through hell and back with feeding disorders and hospitals and illness and infertility and man, i’ve wanted to give up more than i wanted to go on… but you can’t. If you ultimate goal is a family, get that family! Adoption is a wonderful option, donor sperm-egg etc. so many options in the amazing world.

We are not rich, we are simple people, with a house for sale for 5 months, and no bites, and 2 unemployed parents ( although one of us is a dr now 🙂 a son with severe feeding issues ( still ) and no family for millions of miles, but we have hope. Not religion, not any special pills, but wine does help!

I hope someone just one person gets inspired to continue forward, because i am living proof that you can get your family of your dreams!

take care everyone and updates someday.



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