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The twins are nearly a year old. Where does the time go while it’s dragging its ass. Big man has been working for 4 months now, and we live like paupers. Happy paupers. I feel lucky beyond words to be able to be home with the twins, and they are learning and growing daily ( even though feeding them is a frustrating and nearly impossible task). Eicca has improved greatly, although we can’t quite say he is eating ‘normally’ yet, there has been improvement in some areas. We have cleared away for the most part from the pudding, and are trying to relax and let him do it.


His severe speech delay has worried teachers and doctors alike, so we are working on speech therapy. He is 3, with 3 languages to learn, but there should be at least a few clear words, of which there are not.


Days are spent trying to keep Edie from attacking Iian fiercely. She is a spitfire, has been since birth, screaming out of the womb ( through a beautifully healed c-section scar), and Iian the family punching bag, poor snuggy bear, but very sweet and a push over for his siblings, poor dear.


All in all, i try to keep busy.. days enough are busy and I am exercising like a fiend and cutting calories in a first time in my life attempt to fit into real clothes. Recent blood tests show EXCELLENT levels of sugar, cholesterol etc.. so thats a good thing. Happy spring everyone!


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