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Huge does not describe how I am. I am enormous, and tired and as of tomorrow have just 3 weeks until my planned c-section on the 10th of May. I can’t wait to meet these babies. My last children, my last pregnancy, the pregnancy I thought would never happen because of being so damn infertile, and for having the hardest year(s) of my life, from the moment precious Eicca was born.

Many times, i just would cry and look at my son and not know how I could ever get him to grow and be ‘normal’. He is still small.. but this morning he ate toast. He is now 26+ months and still precious and amazing and I learn from him daily and he will be a great big brother, but his health concerns haven’t left us yet.

A month ago he started vomit and and was hospitalized.. he had Noro virus and RSV, both of which I also got. He was there with big man in that tiny fucking room for 7 days and they strengthened their bond, which is wonderful. Eicca now sees he can depend on his papa maybe even more so than his enormous mom 🙂 He lost 2lbs in a week and has yet to gain that back. He is still smaller than the average year old, but he is wonderful and beautiful.

Yesterday our friends brought over their 20lb 6 mo old. I’ve never seen such a fat child.The wrists were bulging, i couldnt get my fingers around his fat calves, it didnt seem normal. I had to look it up.. turns out, he’s ‘just’ in the 50th percentile for weight.. well.. fuck me. There are babies FATTER at 6 mo, holy shit!!

I worry about these 2. I know I can’t predict the future, I have no idea what things will bring. Mom is coming the 16th for 3 weeks. We will need the help.

As much complaining as I do, I wouldnt change my life for anything. I am so blessed, if I can say blessed as I am not a religious person what so ever but lucky I guess, that I have ONE amazing child, the light of my life. Let’s see what the future holds.. updates to come.

Last check the twins were measuring about 2.1kg each at 34 weeks, one head up one head down. For those of you out there wondering if FET will ever work, for us, it was the only thing that worked, after failed fresh cycles and and IUI ( even though the first IUI did work, but ended in m/c at 9 wks ). Hang in there my few readers, and know that things can happen!!


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Well today was en exiting day. The doctor check everything out and feels that our baby will not grow much more from now on (the last two weeks) due to low amniotic fluid, increasing blood pressure and thus indications for a less good functioning placenta at this stage. A C-section it is!

Schedueled for tomorrow, 25 january (local time).

Keep your fingers crossed for low delivery traffic tomorrow, it is time to meet our future. Can’t wait!

– HB –

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Hello readers. Here is the husband.

So we are trotting 37-38 weeks along and we just found out the the amount of amniotic fluid is critically low. My wife is now in the Hospital for observation with a follow-up ultra sound tomorrow. Then they will check the blood flows in our baby.

I feel that it is getting close. If not they start trying getting him out tomorrow then I assume Thursday.  We hae to see. It is getting exciting now. So send those good vibes! Not only is my wife bored out of her skull in the hospital, it is also scary to be alone there with such complications (even though I visit as much as I can).

Hope next post is with happy news and pictures. Keep the faith!

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Yesterday I heard that we were getting an ultra sound on Monday, and that lifted a big ass weight off my shoulders. Even if it just means seeing pupo again. My brain must have relaxed a bit, because last night I had a VERY hot dream involving Gavin Rossdale ( you know the guy from Bush and unfortunately nasty Gwen Stefani’s baby daddy).

It was so realistic, because we were actually sneaking around…. he was apparently her ‘nanny’ while she toured.. and i was 9 months pregnant, but stilll… DAMN::

I woke up feeling a bit more normal, which is a good thing I am sure! I will update everyone Monday… thanks for the support.. must keep the happy dreams coming!!
Have a nice weekend!!

gavin rossdale

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I posted this on myspace and wanted to let you know too… sorry so long! byeee and hope all is well with you guys!

So, we had some apts this week. The first Monday the standard apt wtih the midwife. All was okay, I have a bit of swelling in my legs, which I didn’t notice, but she did.. but said it was normal.

Then to the gyno from hell who says she speaks English, but for some reason her English lost her that morning. She immediately said when we sat down, oh it looks like you will be having a big baby. I dunno if that was because Marco is so tall, or because I look huge, but regardless she is wrong and we told her straight that we have been paying for private ultra sounds and they have measured him on target thanks!

She didn’t do much, pushed around a bit and checked his heartbeat. The real apt was yesterday at this private dr. She said he looked good, a bit over 6 lbs already, which was right on target and he was moving around. It looked so crowded in there, I really couldn’t see any specific part of him. She also said his head was still down, which is GREAT and that I was softening.. another good thing- the body getting ready.

The not so nice news was that she said there was a bit too little amniotic fluid or baby water. It ranges from 7 oz to 2 liters and mine was close to the 7 ounces. At this point she wanted to emphasise not to panic and that if it was a horrible thing she would send me to the university hospital asap. She just wanted to have me go next week to have it checked again.

At this point the baby is grown and developed and in her opinion could be taken out at anytime without harm, but she wants to wait a bit. She also said because of this, she doesn’t want me going over the due date, feb 8th so in about 3 weeks pupo will be here!

Of course when we got home all I did was cry and search the net about this. I can’t even fathom the thought that there is something wrong now with him. I feel we have been through so much- and sorry if not all of you know what we’ve been through, but this hasn’t been an easy journey and we just want our baby here!

Sleeping was so difficult. I tossed and turned all night and couldn’t stop thinking for one second. If he is okay now, all I can say it fucking get him out. Don’t wait a few more weeks when things can decline!!! That seems too extreme here, I know, but still.. wish us lots of strength and love the next few weeks.

I will update you once I hear a bit more, hopefully next week we can get to the hospital and they can see what his water is like then.. but we are ready for this guy!

Take care everyone!!

~r, m and pupo

~ which of us can say  what the Gods hold wicked ~

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So, we have left than 5 weeks left, assuming we won’t need any kind of induction or other unnecessary intervention. Here are some new pics, taken this morning… enjoy and all the best to everyone!

me at 35 weeks 

one more at 35 weeks

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I hope everyone had a lovely xmas etc.. we had 5 days together, no killing. Big man got the pleasure of shaving me, which is just fine. Not even too itchy yet, and it’s been 3 days! He enjoyed that way too much, but hasn’t paid much attention to it since the initial shaving, so I guess the novelty has worn off.

We exchanged some small gifts, and did some things in Pupo’s room. I’ve been counting kicks and usually get about 10 within 45 min in the evenings which is good. I am worried still every minute that something will go wrong, especially since he is already almost 34 weeks. But, I have to have more patience and faith….

Today was my official last day of any kind of work. I made the last few interview calls for my company and I am really free.  I know I still have much to do, we have washed pretty much everything, and will sort it out this weekend.. big man has 4 days off.

I have also started having my perineum massaged. Can I just say- ouch, not comfortable, not relaxing, not sexual.. not pleasant etc.. Fuck, it’s annoying. I just focus on a spot in the corner and instinctively do some deep ‘lamaze’ like breathing. It seems to help, but most of the time I end up laughing and can’t stop. Big man compared me to one of my favorite sexy men, Johnny Knoxville. Apparently Johnny K also laughs when he is in pain.. fuck it hurts!

I am still walking, and have tried to do about 2 miles a day, which is tough, especially cause it gets so hot in the room, but I take breaks.

Also, I’ve been drinking the raspberry tea for about 2 weeks, and will start the primrose capsules in a week or so, orally. Dunno if I want anything up the hoo hoo or noonie right now.. especially after that damn massage.

Things in general are good, but I am impatient and bored. I will start making some foodies to freeze soon.. i think i’ve been saying that for weeks, but I should start sometime.

How will I ever get through to January.. green grass in Northern finland, almost doesn’t seem possible.. but it’s true. The roads are slick ice rinks and I dare venture outside at all, but at least I try to be positive 🙂

All the best to everyone.. just 6 weeks to go! Hang in there pupo!!

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