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Yep, sore throat, runny nose over all bitchy disposition. That’s me. I have no idea how I caught this one. I always try to back-track or something, but all I can think of was Wed I had to cycle quite a bit, it was chilly, but not freezing. Then I was teaching in very small classroom with 18 new students.

Usually a new group has about oh.. 7. So, 18 was a bit of a shock to be honest! But, let’s see how many actually want to come back next week… hee hee..

I am about 18 weeks today still feeling NO movement. But, we have that heartbeat and especially evenings I feel bigger.. so who knows.. well, i know things are progressing, and maybe because I am ‘fluffy’ don’t you fucking love that one.. that’s why we can’t feel anything YET:::

So, take care have a nice weekend. Back to crappy movie Friday. Today, Sweet  November. OH MY GODDESS, just 30 min in and i wanna poke my eyes out. Why is Charleze a Dharma wanna be , why can’t Keanu act himself out of a wet paper bag, why is it in my hometown ( SF ) and yet they make it look so cheesy… why oh why.. tell me why!!

Take care



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