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So, after going through about 14 ovulation sticks I finally got my surge on Thursday. Thursday, day 18 of my cycle. I wonder if this means my cycles are just going to get longer and longer from now on? The passed 3 months I’ve had 35 day cycles.

Anyway, I sent the dr a text message ( she only just gave me her cell number at the last visit after a year of treatment! ) and she phoned back. It was a holiday here, so that was a miracle.

She seemed pleased too that we didn’t have to got the medicinal route. I got in Monday at 8:30 to make sure I actually ovulated. They need to see this corpus lutum (sp) which is just a blood filled spot where my egg was before it was released.

Then we do the transfer on Monday afternoon! That is assuming that they defrost okay and that we actually have something to transfer. Fingers and toes crossed.

I can’t stress enough how frustrating it was waiting for that damn LH surge or +OPK( Ovulation Predictor Kit) as some say. It was horrible. I drink liters of water a day, usually. BUT; when taking these OPK tests you aren’t supposed to drink much or pee for 4 hrs prior. That was agony. I read the optimal time to test was 14:00 or 2p.m. That means that I pretty much had to stop drinking at 8:30 and have my last pee just before 10.

Then I really wanted to take the tests again in the evening, just in case…. so from 17:00 or 5 p.m. until 9, no drinking or peeing.

Maybe some of you have bladders of steel, but I really have one the size of a walnut, so that was agony.

Okay enough bitchin’. It’s Saturday, time to study for yet another exam. I am the world’s oldest student, I know 🙂

Back to Nick Cave and cloudy afternoons. Love letter, love letter…. I love this song!!

Take care



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