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And, I am in the 3rd trimester. I was really nervous about this GD test actually. So last night big man and i ate a whole box of chocolates. I mean it could be our last time I thought, so we ate, and it was GOOD!

Then 10 hrs of fasting a bus almost making me late for the test and then the results. Fasting was 5.6 ( at 13 weeks it was 5.0) then 1 hr was 8.0 ( at 13 weeks it was 5.5-an odd number actually.. ) then 2hr was 5.6 again ( at 13 weeks it was 4.9 ) so very VERY normal and we are happy for that!

Being a ‘bigger gal’ it’s kinda assumed you will have complications or at least high blood pressure or GD. Thankfully I have had the energy to keep walking about 20 miles a week, which sounds like a lot, and it is, but I feel it’s totally necessary!

And now that it’s started snowing, maybe I will keep to the treadmill, but still.. I am proud of me!

So, 27 weeks today and next week our next ultra sound. Let’s hope the 3D if the dr could get it! 🙂
Take care


p.s. evenings we do feel pupo moving around a bit. He seems to be most active between 7pm-midnight. It’s amazing feeling him finally!


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THE big, 20 week scan is later today, and I am nervous. Yes, things were okay just 3 little weeks ago, my how time ticks slowly by… but still, I worry. Big man thinks he felt a tiny kick against his hand yesterday when we were lying very vewy still.

 i thought I felt little flutters all day yesterday, but nothing so far today 😦 One of my student’s had a baby, 3 months early, at week 26 to be exact. I can’t imagine having this new little creature in our life in just 6 weeks. I hope to Goddess he won’t come THAT early!

 You think once you’ve been an infertile, that once you get pregnant, all your worries are over, that’s it, you are a prego one. But alas, that seems to be bullshit. I worry all the time. I worry in my sleep, I think about pupo all the time, what will he be like, who will he look like etc.. It’s a miracle I can still function and do some other things.. really it is!

 I noticed on my previous haunting ground, the ivillage ivf friends and support page.. i have to laugh, as the bitches there, hardly ever offered support, and were very quick to judge should i not agree with something, but i diverge..anyway, a woman who got pg on her first ivf, ONLY to miscarry at 8 weeks, recently did her 2nd ivf and is prego again.

 Cudos for her, but I noticed, not even being 7 weeks, she already has this huge sig block with tickers and baby pics and all that crap. Again, I AM happy for her, but considering her first miscarriage, and i have been there.. i know.. i think it’s presumptious and quite silly to be boasting about this pregnancy when she hasn’t even passed the ‘critical’ time. I am such a bitch, right*?

 Frankly, i don’t care, but I think it’s silly. Like the only reason she can survive is to post that shit on her sig block.. otherwise it’s this ‘sad’ pic of her with her man and their dog. As if that isn’t life enough. What if she looses this one? What will her life be then I wonder? I dont’ know her, nor do i care to, but the simple fact is, there HAS to be more in life than the baby quest. There just HAS to be more to keep you going.. cause if we fail.. we are fucked!

 thanks and wish me luck!

20w today..

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