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Huge does not describe how I am. I am enormous, and tired and as of tomorrow have just 3 weeks until my planned c-section on the 10th of May. I can’t wait to meet these babies. My last children, my last pregnancy, the pregnancy I thought would never happen because of being so damn infertile, and for having the hardest year(s) of my life, from the moment precious Eicca was born.

Many times, i just would cry and look at my son and not know how I could ever get him to grow and be ‘normal’. He is still small.. but this morning he ate toast. He is now 26+ months and still precious and amazing and I learn from him daily and he will be a great big brother, but his health concerns haven’t left us yet.

A month ago he started vomit and and was hospitalized.. he had Noro virus and RSV, both of which I also got. He was there with big man in that tiny fucking room for 7 days and they strengthened their bond, which is wonderful. Eicca now sees he can depend on his papa maybe even more so than his enormous mom 🙂 He lost 2lbs in a week and has yet to gain that back. He is still smaller than the average year old, but he is wonderful and beautiful.

Yesterday our friends brought over their 20lb 6 mo old. I’ve never seen such a fat child.The wrists were bulging, i couldnt get my fingers around his fat calves, it didnt seem normal. I had to look it up.. turns out, he’s ‘just’ in the 50th percentile for weight.. well.. fuck me. There are babies FATTER at 6 mo, holy shit!!

I worry about these 2. I know I can’t predict the future, I have no idea what things will bring. Mom is coming the 16th for 3 weeks. We will need the help.

As much complaining as I do, I wouldnt change my life for anything. I am so blessed, if I can say blessed as I am not a religious person what so ever but lucky I guess, that I have ONE amazing child, the light of my life. Let’s see what the future holds.. updates to come.

Last check the twins were measuring about 2.1kg each at 34 weeks, one head up one head down. For those of you out there wondering if FET will ever work, for us, it was the only thing that worked, after failed fresh cycles and and IUI ( even though the first IUI did work, but ended in m/c at 9 wks ). Hang in there my few readers, and know that things can happen!!


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So everything went well yesterday. It ended up being a 3 hr apt but it went well. they had to switch machines to get more body part details, but so far all looks okay- one is for sure a boy and according to a specialist that came in to double check, the other a girl!they found a clit ha ha.. good for her!

the whole time eicca’s day care kept calling.. he was puking there and they freaked, so big man had to leave me early at the end.. but it was a good apt-next one in 4 wks. the estimate they are each bout 14ounces, or 400g.

I can only imagine how frustrating it was for the doctors doing the very specific and details ultrasound of the babies body parts to hear me in very broken Finnish try to explain to the day care workers that yes, Eicca can puke 6x in 2 hrs and be totally normal.. of course they dont belive that because ‘normal’ children as they said, do NOT puke that often.. oh my.. we are so far fucking away from normal, i cant even see the city limits signs. Alas, our bank apt had to be canceled, and big man took an entire day off for basically 2 free ultra sound hours, but that’s life.

thats all for now, hope u r all well, take care!

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Hello readers. Here is the husband.

So we are trotting 37-38 weeks along and we just found out the the amount of amniotic fluid is critically low. My wife is now in the Hospital for observation with a follow-up ultra sound tomorrow. Then they will check the blood flows in our baby.

I feel that it is getting close. If not they start trying getting him out tomorrow then I assume Thursday.  We hae to see. It is getting exciting now. So send those good vibes! Not only is my wife bored out of her skull in the hospital, it is also scary to be alone there with such complications (even though I visit as much as I can).

Hope next post is with happy news and pictures. Keep the faith!

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Had my 24 wk update with the private doctor we love. It was great. She confirmed that it is indeed a boy, and a healthy one at that 🙂 He wasn’t cooperating with pictures at all and kept his hands on top of his head, but we got some nice feet and hand as well as penis shots….put em together and you’ve got our baby 🙂

Next u/s will be at 28 weeks and she will ‘try’ to get the 3D machine. There is only one in our town and it’s over 300 dollars for that kind, but she was going to ask if she can use it for training 🙂 Let’s hope.

He’s also 600 grams which is about 1 lb 3 ounces so right on target. Sooo happy to see the little guy moving around.. even IF i can’t really feel him. She also said not to worry, it can take up to 28 weeks or longer because of the front placenta. But, we are still so excited and just happy that he is measuring okay and looking great!

All the best to everyone!

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Here you all go, our little guy, in his fuzzy glory! Enjoy!

Pupo at 20 weeks

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He is measuring just perfect at 20 weeks, and was moving around like a crazy person! 🙂 She wasn’t that patient and didn’t look at the sex, but honestly we’d be happy with either boy or girl.

He was doing some thumb sucking again and some knee sucking or toe sucking ( my little pervert ), and it was great to see.

Now we can start to tell everyone.. i swear i will  start to tell more strangers in the streets than ever before! 🙂

Oh and my placenta is on the front wall, which is maybe why I am not feeling him as much.. I will be patient!

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I had a dream my mom did IVF just to try it and got pg. It was really early on. I then went to get an ultrasound as we couldn’t find the heartbeat at our nightly check. The dr said that the baby measured exactly 18 weeks something.. but that there was no heartbeat now. It died between our morning and evening check.

I couldn’t go back to sleep after that. I felt horrible! I’ve never had a scary baby dream like that before, so that sucks. I just hope everything is okay. Time ticks by slowly and we still hear beating.. so lets hope..

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