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Hospital update

Hosptial update

hi there,
Home for the weekend, after being told they are very sorry, but the nurses really should observe his eating over the weekend, even if there are no testing and we could leave him there.. ( yeah right ) we cried and pleeded our case to another nurse and she talked to another doctor who agreed to let us home… for the weekend only.

We had many test done on Friday, including a baby ultrasound of his head and xray of his chest. He is still on breastmilk, pumped and normal formula.

The head us was called because the speech thearapist fed him at 2 separate time and she said it looks like he doesn’t have a tight grip on the nipple. Maybe a bit of a lazy refux so then the neurologist came and wanted his head checked out. That was all okay

The chest xray showed he has a slightly larger heart than ’normal’. That could mean so many things, and if it was something serious they would have had us either stay there or do more testing that day, which they weren’t so concerned about. It could be normal, or a small hole or something horrible and serious I can’t even get my head around yet.. so we don’t stress.

Monday we check in again.. for how long we dont’ know really. He will hopefully be getting a MRI they said, and possibly a heart ultrasound.

It’s all been so tough. The sounds coming out of Eicca were horrible during the ultrasound. We had to hold him so still, he screamed so loud it was heartbreaking! The xray was no better, with the lead blankets over his head and groin, very heavy and uncomfortable.

The last dr was the ’head’ kids dr. He seemed quite sensible. He said clearly eicca has gained an average of 150g per week since birth. The ’normal’ breast fed baby gains 170g per week, so Eicca isnt’ ’that’ far off. We could a have a totally normal and healthy baby here, or one with some serious medical problem.. that we just dont’ know till more next week.

His blood tests have been okay and nothing exceptional stands out. They measured his oyxygen in his blood as he still makes this rattling wheezing sound all the time when he breathes, which again could be normal, or mean some trachea problem.. next week let’s see.

Being in that room, I was so lucky to have marco be able to sleep there with me, but it’s horrible. I hate hospitals, and the feeling that you are there for the indefinite amount of time with a maybe normal, healthy baby is just sad and feels wrong.

We are glad they are checking all possibilities. The heart thing we read could be why some babies don’t grow, their heart makes them too weak to suck and in turn they dont grow much.. that is always a possibility. But, we hope not.

It’s nice to come home. Same routine than there, but we are here. We can be among our things, and actually pack for a hospital stay, instead of being told we have to stay there while we were just on our way for a nice day in town as a family.

That’s a shitty feeling. You go for a normal apt, and suddenly your world is flopped upside down and you feel like a sick person. You feel that your child it so sick, when they aren’t.

The nurses that took him that nite were kind people, but I already dread having to leave Eicca with them Monday and who knows how many other nights. My sleep wasn’t any better.. i wanted my noisy little boy with us in the room, but it wasnt allowed.. he was ’under observation’ which as far as i could tell, meant he slept near them, in the hall and watched him while he ate.. just like they could do with us. It was so frustraing!

That’s all for now, going to try to enjoy the weekend at home.

Take are and talk soon, byeee

Here at 10 weeks with daddy! I think he’s sad cause he has the ugly hospital baby
clothes on still!! Ha ha.. mean mommy!! Love these guys so much!!10 weeks 1 day with daddy


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